A Few Fishermen Felt Something Hit Their Boat, But Never Expected This Visitor There may be plenty of fish in the sea, but this clever sea lion has figured out a much easier way to find his next meal. When lunchtime strikes in this Cabo San Lucas marina, residents aren’t surprised when they’re greeted by one of the four or five hungry faces who often hop up to […]
Moritz The Clever-Pig Wants Your Attention What should our pig Moritz next show behavioral and tricks? What would you say a pig can never learn ? The requests / ideas with the most likes on film we are trying to implement. But we only accept serious proposals seriously. Animals are an important part of our society. We should be assessed accordingly.
She Was Just Filming A Crab, When Suddenly Nature Got REALLY Intense People often like to go on nature walks to calm down. There’s something about getting in touch with the simplicity of life that can really take the stress out of any bad day. That is, until you see videos like this one and realize that nature is a cruel assassin that wants everyone dead. This […]
I Could Hardly Believe What This Amazing Dog Did To Inspire Thousands Of Lives Faith is an incredibly inspirational dog with a heart of gold. The cute canine was born with only three legs — two fully developed hind legs and a deformed front leg, which had to be amputated when she was seven months old. Faith was found by Jude Stringfellow, a kind woman who happened upon her […]
Ghost Hunters Halloween Special at Buffalo Central Terminal Recap 2010 Ghost Hunters Halloween Special at Buffalo Central Terminal.
Man’s Best Playground Companion One man and his best friend compete in jumping on and around the trees in the park – words cannot express the joy you will feel watching this short video!
One Man Faced His Greatest Fear To Help This Poor Creature In Need When Simon from the Wildlife Aid Foundation was called for a rescue, he could feel his knees begin to shake. The rescue operation involved a pigeon stuck in netting on the facade of a three-story building. Simon knew this would be a tough rescue for him, since he’s quite uncomfortable with heights. Luckily for him, […]
What These 3 Girls Do With One Guitar Will Leave your Jaw On The Ground When most people want to learn how to play an instrument, they gravitate towards the guitar. It’s one of the most easily recognized instruments in the band. There is room for glory when a song needs a solo, or you can fade into the background if you want to play rhythm guitar. Oh, and you […]
Watch The Amazing Thing That Happens When You Add Milk To Coca-Cola This video, which was uploaded to YouTube about a year ago*, but just making the internet rounds today, shows what happens when you add milk to a bottle of Coke and wait an hour. YOU WILL NOT BELIEVE WHAT HAPPENS WHEN YOU ADD MILK TO COKE. The milk actually somehow turns the Coca-Cola clear! I’m […]
What Happens To This Guy In Just 60 Seconds Will Leave Your Jaw Hanging After hearing news about Good Morning America’s upcoming “Make Over My Man for Valentine’s Day” segment, Kelly McCall jumped at the opportunity. Kelly nominated her husband to undergo a bit of a transformation on live television. With his full beard, thick mustache, and long, curly hair, self-proclaimed “caveman” Arron happily agreed to take part in […]
By Pushing One Button, This Guy Can Do Something Incredible To His Living Room Our homes are bound to get smaller as the largest cities get more crowded and real estate prices rise. Fitting more people and their possessions into the same amount of space will inevitably be a major challenge in urban development. So how do you turn a one-room apartment into a four-room apartment? This is something […]
He Found This Horse Dying In The Cold…What He Did Will Amaze You The weather in the Northern Hemisphere during the winter is nothing short of brutal. Cold winds, piercing rain, and snow can take a toll on infrastructure, let alone animals living outside. Which is why no living thing should be left out in the bitter, winter cold. But that’s just what these horses were subjected to. […]
It Was A Normal Kayaking Trip For This Family ‘Til This Little Guy Hopped Aboard This past Valentine’s Day, Ron Gist was kayaking with his family in the beautiful waters of Santa Barbara when an unexpected, yet incredibly welcome visitor hopped aboard. He looks like he’s having more fun than the kids! I am so jealous! I wish I’d spent Valentine’s Day with a cute little sea lion pup instead […]
This Hospital Broke Every Rule In The Book To Grant One Patient’s Dying Wish Hospitals are known to have strict sanitation and safety rules. Doctors and visitors are required to remain clean as to not infect anyone staying there. Yet sometimes, the rules are made to be broken. A woman staying in Santa Maria Hospital in Brazil said that her final wish was to have one more cuddle with […]