We spend a lot of time here on the internet telling you that not everything is Photoshop, and that sometimes really amazing photos are actually records of really amazing things. However, there are plenty of hoaxes out there, and plenty of instances of a Photoshop job slipping through the cracks.

Other times, photos themselves haven’t been manipulated, but the stories behind them have been changed to make them seem more shocking, scary, or hilarious. Today, we’re debunking some of the most persistent hoaxes out there in the wasteland that is the Internet.

1. Helicopter Shark

Everyone knows that things get a whole lot cooler when there’s a shark involved, and so this image was created. It first appeared in 2001, and was claimed to have won a Photo of the Year award from National Geographic. Naturally, the magazine refuted this. In reality, this is a composite of two images: the helicopter in front of the Golden Gate Bridge, taken by Lance Cheung for the U.S. Air Force, and a shark in False Bay, South Africa, taken by Charles Maxwell.